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Demonstration modes give you full capabilites, but nothing will be saved. You can run any race type, but the timers all runs at 4 times normal speed.
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Technical details of the whys, wheres, and hows of this Progressive Web Application

Help is available at the bottom of most pages.........

OOD :  Is short for officer of the day.

Log in / Log out :  Each Club has its own account and there are seperate Admin, OOD and Tablet passwords. The OOD password only needs to be known by race officers who are required to sign in on a new device.  Login is permenant unless you clear your browser history. 

Each club is retricted to 1 Admin, 4 OOD devices, and 1 tablet device. If the number of OOD devices is exceeded you can over-ride the logged in number check by adding '/n' to the end of the OOD password set by your club administrator. (Where 'n' is 1 to 4). This will overwrite the access for OOD user 'n'. eg "MyOODpassword/2" would always log you in as OOD user 2 and the previous user 2 will be forced to log in again. This is useful if someone has not logged out of a device and is no longer using it.

Admin :  When logged in using the Admin pasword , this option becomes available. It gives access to setting up your club profile, club classes , table registration setup etc. You can also go directly to the club tablet screen

Return to race :  You can return to the current ot previous timer device if it is still valid.

PWA Install :  You are able to install OOD-online as a Progressive Web App into any Chrome browser,( or Safari on an Ipad or Iphone), OOD-online will then work off-line, and in its own full screen, just like any native App. Many Apps now use the PWA method including WhatsApp and TikToc. On Chrome use the 'PWA Install' button above, on an Ipad or Iphone chose the 'Share' option in Safari and choose 'Add to homepage.

Run a new race

The fours options below are only available to logged in OOD and Admin users.

Select/Change Series:   The current series is shown, this needs to be updated before a race is started. The list is set by the Club site administrator

Set competitors :  Select the competitors for the race by selecting from the club's list.  You can also add, remove and edit competitors in that list.

Run a race :   Setup a new race, or load an existing one. Setup the race by setting the race officials and other settings such ar the series etc. You can then select your start type.

Produce results :  After running a race, the user can view, print, publish and download the results stored in memory of your device.  There is also an option to recall previous race results for rescoring, reprinting etc.

All website visitors, can view the published results using the options below.

Race results :  This displays a list of the last 50 of your published race results stored on our server.  The user is able to select one to view. 

Series results:   This  displays a list of  your  series results stored in your Club's Google spreadsheet.  You are able to display the results from a series.

Both results pages above can be embedded into your Club website.

For details of how to embed your series results.

For details of how to embed your race results.

Competitor sign it :  This takes you to a web page where you are able to sign in to compete from your own devcie. The cClub administartor must provide you with the signing in details. These details will be stored in your device so that you do not need to keep re-entering.

Using the camera :  You can record images from your device's video camera whilst the race is running. The images will also be automatically stored at starts, laps, finishes etc. This makes scoring the race much easier, and helps prevent mistakes.

Race Watch - Phone :  This is a race start watch which runs on a phone. No user login is needed.It starts, stops and synchs like a normal race watch.Once loaded, it will run offline with no data connection. It can synch to any OOD-online.com timer that is running.

Race Watch - Watch:  This is a race start watch which is designed to run on a watch sized device. No user login is needed. It starts, stops and synchs like a normal race watch. Once loaded, it should run offline with no data connection, but this is depenedint on the browser type being used on the watch

Training horns :  This is a horn sounder that runs on any tablet or phone. It is specifically designed for race training. No user login is needed. The audio output can be played through bluetooth speakers, or used with our relay box to sound an electric horn.

Contact details : Admin@OOD-online.com or GaryUngless@me.com Tel: +44 (0)1353776085

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