Embedding your race series in your web site

This is done by embedding an iframe that gives the web site designer two method of embedding your results files in a page.

List mode :  Only the Club name is specified in the parameters.  A list is displayed and the page visitor selects which result to display.

Single file mode : The web designer adds the File name as a parameter.  

Latest file mode :  The page shows the latest published if the FileName is specified as "Latest".  This also runs an update every minute. This allows you to run a display page on a wall mounted monitor that will be displaying the latest results, or your competitors can view your page website to see if the results are published.  (No more bits of paper pinned to a wall.)

Below are examples of three results  iframes embedded into this web site

Your web designer can vary the size and appearance of the iframe by using parameters and CSS. In the example bellow the background is inherited from the page.
Source : https://ood-online.com/resources/HTMLfiles/Embedded-races.html?ClubName=Hunts Sailing Club&File=Latest

The iframe below is displaying a full list for the page visitor to choose from.
Source : https://ood-online.com/resources/HTMLfiles/Embedded-races.html?ClubName=Hunts Sailing Club