Embedding your race series in your web site

There are two methods of embedding the series results into your web site.  The embedding is easy to achieve, it uses a standard iframe with a source that defines what is displayed.

Individual series :  This displays a single fixed series.  eg Summer.

All series : This displays a table of all the stored series from which your web site visitors selects which series to display.  This method means that only one simple page needs to be written on your website to display all your series.

Both methods use the same iframe code, with only the calling parameters changing.

The basic iframe code is

<iframe width='auto' height=500px src="https://ood-online.com/resources/Embedded/SeriesDisplay.html?GID=xxxxxxxxxxxxx&Sheet=Name></iframe>

Where 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx' is the long Google ID of your spreadsheet and 'Name' is the name of the series.  If the &Sheet parameter is left off then the 'All series' mode is used, and the user selects which series to display.

The example below is fetching the 'Spring Series' from a google sheet and embedding it in this website iframe.  The example at the bottom of the page shows the 'All series' mode, and you can select which series to display.

The example below have  the background set by the web page.  This show how easy it is to integrate the design into your web site.

 The 'All series' mode, shown with a different background. (Click on a the list to see series)